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The mission of 480 Club LLC., is to positively influence and improve the social, emotional and physical development of young people, ages 14-18, by providing them with the resources to acquire the skills necessary to live healthy and productive lives.

Youth Services

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School Based Wellness Center

The Wellness Centers are committed to helping students in the school community reach their full potential by offering coordinated medical care, counseling, positive youth development, and health education experiences in a confidential and culturally sensitive manner. Partnered with Identity, Inc. the lead agency at two high school based health centers (Gaithersburg High School, Seneca Valley and Watkins Mill High School).  A partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools and the HHS, the Wellness Centers offer a continuum of programs and services that improve students' cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. The Wellness Centers provide the students with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities, mentoring and case management services, mental health counseling, on-site health screenings, and care. Any student enrolled in either high school is eligible to enroll in the school's Wellness Center. The Wellness Center envisions each and every student healthy in body, mind, and spirit -- fully committed to high academic achievement and models of leadership, strength, and success


To achieve this goal, The Wellness Center staff will provide:

  • ·      Lunch & After-School Groups

  • ·       Promote leadership, self-esteem, positive relationships and communication skills.

  • ·       Guidance around goal setting.

  • ·       Substance abuse prevention education.

  • ·       Case Management Services - (Individual & Family)

  • ·       Academic Support

  • ·       Clothing

  • ·       Educational /Employment Resources

  • ·       Emergency Services

  • ·       Food Resources



School Groups

480 Club offers a range of evidence-based and curriculum-based Positive Youth Development prevention and intervention programs such as Dare to be a King/Queen to build Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies that decrease risk factors and reduce problem behaviors. Some of the other groups are groups that include Sports, Recreation & Leisure, Arts & Crafts, Music, Subtance Abuse Prevention, Leadership, SSL, Goal Setting, Worforce opportunities, Sexual Education while coordinating community events, holiday events, and field trip excusions

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480 Staff members are positive agents of change who use strength based approaches and growth mindsets to build relationships to provide mentoring & case management services. 


All Youth Development Specialists and Program Facilitators are Advanced Youth Development, HIPPA, Child Abuse & Neglect, Trauma Informed trained. All staff members have positive fingerprints & background checks.

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