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Why is it called 480 Club?

Establised in 2014, to train and mentor young student athletes from the local community for 480 minutes!

480 Club believes that the physcological effect of a bigger number would empower the mind of the youth to take pride and stride for excellence.

480 Club 

Since 2014, 480 Club has created what he had and what he saw was needed for youth, the community and student athletes! His motto is " one day can do allow" please watch the video to see a glimpse!

Athlete Wellness Summit

For 3 years the  Athlete Wellness Summit has featured a lineup of distinguished speakers covering a range of topics essential to athlete development and mental health, including leadership, mindfulness, nutrition, sports psychology, and mental skills performance training. We believe that these sessions will provide invaluable knowledge and tools to help student athletes excel in their athletic pursuits while also promoting holistic wellness.

Student Athlete Mentoring Program

480 Club is proud to launch a sports ambassador’s
mentorship (25 sports ambassadors) program to
serve and engage systemically disenfranchised
youth 1:4 ratio (100) in Montgomery County to
combat the uprise in gang violence &
recruitment, firearms and workforce development
opportunities for MCPS minority student athletes.
Referred to as Sports Ambassadors; that will serve
5 cluster schools with intent to making a positive
relationships and community building to equip
young people with the tools to lead and live safe in
Montgomery county (Down County) through the
sport of football.

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