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Patricia Polimadei

Montgomery College ACES Academic Coach

Bruce Jenkins

Department of Juveile Services Group Life Manager II

Rexanah Wyse

Chief of Staff at U.S Interagency Council on Homelessness

"Take a minute and imagine what traits make a man a great role model for all people, especially for children and adolescents from historically underrepresented communities. Did the words genuine, empathetic, motivational, energetic, hard-working leader come to mind? Well, Mr. Joseph Hooks has those traits and so much more. I met him as we were both participants of Montgomery County's Emerging Leaders cohort of 2019. Joseph embodies the true meaning of community engagement, mentorship, coaching, counseling, and leadership. I have participated in community events with Joseph including doing charitable work to going to a Gala's. He advocates for his students and his program is innovative and works. He communicates with people who may not speak English, he speaks some Spanish and will quickly use his charismatic personality to build lasting relationships. Joseph is outgoing, confident, and genuinely cares which is why he leaves a long-lasting impression on everyone he meets. He is the ideal candidate for many positions as he has the experience, education, and a big heart. A great role-model for all. "

"Mr. Hooks is an outstanding motivator and leader. He was a recreation specialist in MARYLAND. He planed his activities well. He had a tremendous amounts of energy that was always on display in the projects he undertook. He work on his projects with focus and integrity. Well done Sir, well done"

Gislene Tasayco

Educational Equity & Workforce Development at National League of Cities

"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Hooks - he brings with him strong leadership, charisma, and willingness to get things done. We need more leaders like Joseph Hooks that work at the intersections of advocacy, community engagement, and entrepreneurship to support the children, youth, and families of Montgomery County"

"When I worked with Joseph during my tenure as an Assistant State's Attorney and Program Manager for the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office he served as a coordinator and school facilitator at six middle schools across Montgomery County. Joseph did his due diligence to ensure the success of the Truancy Prevention Program utilizing both his professional and personal experiences to address the root causes of the students' truancy issues. Joseph's passion for youth, his creativity, and his strong advocacy served him remarkably well as well as the families that were connected to the program. He's a wonderful team player - whether it is to step in to develop marketing tools, conduct presentations, help lead or improve efforts, or lend a helping hand. Joseph is someone you can count on. The sincerity Joseph brings to help youth in Montgomery County is unmatched. He has a unique way of helping youth realize their full potential and value in a way that builds their self-esteem. The fresh perspective coupled with his work ethic makes Joseph a remarkable person to work with in any setting. Highly recommend Joseph!"

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